kid touching his face | lotion candle for kids

kid touching his face | lotion candle for kids

Can you use a lotion candle for kids and babies? Before purchasing skin care products for your little ones, it is important to scrutinize the ingredients. After all, some ingredients commonly found in lotions do more harm than good.

How to Look for the Right Lotion Candle for Kids

Every parent wants only the best for their children, particularly when it comes to their health and safety. There is a lot of caution exercised when choosing what their kids can consume. But, this brand of thinking should also extend to the products that are applied to the skin.

Lotions are a prime example. A quick trip to your local store will already show you countless options made for kids. But, how do you know if these products are actually safe for your little ones or if they are only advertised as such?

When looking for the right lotion candle or lotion for kids, here are the top considerations you should consider.

1. No Parabens

Are you on the hunt for a good lotion for babies? Start by eliminating any products containing parabens from your list.

You will normally find parabens in different cosmetic products. They are a popular choice among manufacturers because they help preserve products for a longer period of time. And, shelf life is, after all, important to businesses. But, parabens can pose several harmful effects on the skin, both in adults and kids.

Parabens can cause skin irritation, which is even worse for kids and babies who have sensitive skin. Some studies have also shown that long-term use of parabens can influence hormone regulation as well as a person’s metabolism. It is also worth noting that human skin more easily absorbs parabens. As such, once you apply them, it is hard to get rid of them.

2. No Synthetic Dyes

Synthetic dyes are cheaper to produce and are more widely available to cosmetic manufacturers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many products contain synthetic dyes. But, this ingredient can cause irritation to the skin as well.

On the bright side, the Food and Drug Administration does strictly regulate synthetic dyes and color additives. Manufacturers must secure approval from the FDA before they can include these ingredients in their products. But, some dyes are not regulated by the FDA, including mineral-based dyes, plant-based dyes, and animal-based dyes.

3. Fragrance-Free

You will find scented skin care products for babies and kids almost everywhere. After all, parents naturally want their children to smell good. But, some fragrances can cause allergic reactions in kids.

Children who have sensitive skin and are more prone to allergic reactions should stay away from fragrances. These can give rise to breathing issues, skin rashes, and more. Fragrances, of course, can take a variety of names. Apart from steering clear from products with “fragrances,” it is best to include keywords such as “perfume,” “aroma,” “scented,” “essential oil blend,” and “parfum” on your “Do Not Buy” list.

4. No Formaldehyde

Cosmetic products can also contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing compounds. Even baby wipes and soaps have them. While formaldehyde is used to counteract the growth of bacteria, it can also irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. This is especially true for kids and babies with sensitive skin.

Studies have even shown that prolonged exposure to formaldehyde may cause cancer. So, while small doses are generally fine, it is best to avoid them entirely, especially for kids.

5. Alcohol-Free

Alcohol is a popular disinfectant used in many skin care products, even ones targeted at babies and kids. But, several types of alcohol can dry out the skin, even going so far as to cause it to crack, flake, or peel. When looking for a lotion or lotion candle for kids, it is best to avoid ones that include ethyl, isopropyl, benzyl, methyl, cetyl, and stearyl alcohol.

An All-Natural Lotion Candle for Babies and Kids

It is not hard to shop for a lotion candle that suits the skin of even kids and babies. The perfect lotion candle should consist of only all-natural ingredients such as African shea butter, soya, and aloe vera. Oils such as avocado, jojoba, coconut, and olive are also great additions.

Some lotion candles will contain fragrances in the form of essential oils. Adults can generally use these just fine without having to worry about adverse effects. But, for kids and babies, it is a good idea to first test the product to see if any reactions occur or consult a pediatrician. Alternatively, lotion candles also come in unscented forms.

The Obvious Option

Lotion candles are a great choice for skin care for babies and small children. They contain no parabens, paraffin, or beeswax – all of which can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. A lotion candle for kids also applies and absorbs easily, making it kid-friendly in terms of use. When looking for a lotion that’s both natural and safe for children, a lotion candle is the way to go.