big bee wax blocks | beeswax for skin

big bee wax blocks | beeswax for skin

Should you use beeswax for skin care? While beeswax is generally safe to use on the skin, it also poses a few risks.

Beeswax for Skin: Good or Bad?

Beeswax is a common ingredient used in many skin care and cosmetic products. You will typically find beeswax in products such as lip balm and face creams. But, is it actually good for your skin?
Generally speaking, beeswax is safe to use on the skin. In fact, it offers several skin benefits. For one thing, beeswax is a humectant, which means it attracts water. As such, it helps lock in the moisture in your skin and keeps it hydrated.

Another benefit of beeswax is that it is a natural exfoliant. It can help remove the dead skin cells from your skin without damaging the skin’s surface. Studies have also shown that beeswax can shield your skin from environmental damage. Thus, anyone with dry or damaged skin will benefit from the use of products containing beeswax.

But, if beeswax is such a great ingredient, why do some manufacturers choose to leave it out?

Is Beeswax Bad for Skin? Adverse Effects Explained

While beeswax certainly has a load of skin benefits, it is not all good. As with many ingredients, beeswax is not perfect and also poses a few risks.
First of all, beeswax lacks breathability. It works similarly to mineral oils, silicones, and petroleum in that it coats the skin with an impermeable substance. Because of this, your skin has trouble breathing.

The second risk is reserved for those with oily skin. Although beeswax has been known to moisturize, it has also been shown to stop hydration. This is due to the heavy and greasy texture of the ingredient. Beeswax applies like a second layer that sits on top of your skin. This can result in acne breakouts.

Finally, beeswax can also irritate the skin. This is not a blanket statement, though, as people have different skin types. Some people are fine with beeswax, while others turn red and become itchy once they come into contact with the ingredient.

People who are allergic to bees, honey, and pollen should stay away from products that contain beeswax. Even those with no allergies but have sensitive skin can have adverse reactions to beeswax. As a precaution, it is always a good idea to test any skin care product on a small area of your skin. If your skin reacts negatively, stay away from the product.

The Trouble With Synthetic Beeswax

Some consumers opt to buy products with synthetic beeswax as opposed to natural beeswax. This is because synthetic beeswax does not harm any bees and is, therefore, vegan. But, synthetic beeswax also has its fair share of disadvantages.
For one thing, synthetic beeswax can also cause skin irritation. This ingredient can be derived from coal and petroleum products, which are not good for the skin. Synthetic beeswax has also been linked to adverse environmental impacts, particularly in the aquatic sense. Other than that, lab tests have shown that synthetic beeswax caused diarrhea in rats and skin irritation in rabbits.

Beeswax for Skin: Lotion Candles

Beeswax and the candle-making industry have a long history together. In fact, the use of beeswax in candles dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.
Because beeswax has a lower toxicity level compared to paraffin, it is the preferred material for candles. Beeswax for candle making is also popular because the manufacturing process produces no toxic byproducts or pollution.

But, a lotion candle is not the same as a beeswax candle. While they both burn like candles, lotion candles and beeswax candles don’t achieve the same purpose. Regular candles act as a source of light and therapy for a lot of people. In comparison, lotion candles are skin care products that help moisturize your skin.

Lotion candles are unique in that you apply them to your skin while the product is still warm. This opens up your pores and allows your skin to absorb the lotion better. Many lotion candles also come scented, so you can use them as a form of aromatherapy.

For Beeswax-Free, Moisturizing Lotion Candles

While there is nothing inherently wrong with beeswax, Fairy Secrets does not use it as an ingredient in our lotion candles. We do this so that all our customers can use our lotion candles – even those who are allergic to beeswax, bees, pollen, and honey. Our lotion candles only consist of all-natural ingredients designed to keep your skin soft and moisturized.