skin products for men | lotion candle for men

skin products for men | lotion candle for men

While the beauty industry primarily targets women, men are also equally vulnerable to the effects of aging and environmental hazards. Here are the benefits of using a lotion candle for men.


Why You Should Use Lotion Candles for Men

Skincare products are usually aimed at a certain demographic: women. This is because women are more commonly associated with the desire to look more youthful and blemish-free. But, that does not mean men should get left by the wayside.

Men are just as at risk of developing acne, wrinkles, and dry skin as women. One of the only reasons skincare products are more scarce in the men’s section is because skincare is more widely associated with femininity. But, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man wanting to take care of his skin. It does not make anyone less of a man.

While there are a number of options for men today, you should give lotion candles a shot. Here are five reasons to try a lotion candle for men.


1. Naturally Moisturizing

Men need to moisturize, too. In fact, a lot of men suffer from dry skin and cracked nails. This can lead to itching, which can lead to scarring. Plus, dry skin is not only an eyesore but can also make you more prone to skin problems.

Lotion candles are great moisturizers. Applying it to your skin on a regular basis can make your skin softer and help it retain hydration. Additionally, lotion candles contain natural ingredients that aid your skin’s health. These include African shea butter, soya, and aloe vera.

Many lotions claim to be moisturizing but actually contain harmful chemicals. But, with lotion candles, you can rest assured that your skin won’t come into contact with parabens or paraffin, which may irritate the skin.


2. Good for Tattoos

Men who have tattoos can also benefit from the use of lotion candles. Lotion candles can help protect the color from fading in the sun. They can also enhance and brighten the color of the tattoo. Of course, tattoos have to fully heal first before you start using lotion candles on them.


3. Can Minimize Scars

Many men have scars they want to remove. And while there are certain dermatological procedures for this, lotion candles may be able to help, too. Of course, the depth and age of the car can influence how effective lotion candles can be.

If you have stretch marks, lotion candles have been known to reduce their appearance as well. Other than that, the ingredients found in lotion candles can also slow or diminish the signs of aging.


4. Good for Shaved Heads

Men who have shaved or bald heads can also use lotion candles directly on their scalp. Bald heads are more prone to the harmful effects of the sun, especially if you don’t cover them with a cap or hat. To help alleviate dry or peeling skin in that area, apply some lotion candle every now and then.


5. No Greasy Feeling

The best thing about lotion candles is that they don’t leave a greasy residue on your skin after you apply them. This is because lotion candles go on your skin warm, opening up your pores and allowing them to absorb the product better. After about a minute or two, you will notice that the lotion has completely settled into your skin, leaving no sticky feeling at all, unlike many other lotions.


Men Lotion Candle: A Variety of Scents Available

Lotion candles typically come scented with Which Fairy Secrets Lotion Candle Scent Is For You?. The good news is that there is a scent that suits everyone, including men. Fairy Secrets maintains a wide selection of scents, with the following scents best matching the majority of men’s tastes.

  • Paradise. This gender-neutral fragrance combines sweet neroli blossoms with bitter orange zest, pineapple, and raspberries with a touch of gardenia.
  • Black Currant and Tea. Another gender-neutral scent, Black Currant and Tea mixes currant and white tea along with floral overtones to give you a complex fragrance.
  • Teakwood Spice. If you want a more masculine scent, Teakwood Spice features black tea and pepper, combined with notes of tobacco, leather, amber, and musk. It also mixes in aged teak wood with a hint of patchouli and sandalwood.
  • Unscented. Whether you’re sensitive to fragrances or simply want to go au natural, you can never go wrong with a classic unscented lotion candle.


The Final Word

As you can see, men can benefit from lotion candles in more ways than one. Whether you’re knee-deep in the skincare game or are a skincare newbie, a lotion candle for men is the perfect option for you.