Experience the luxury with the soothing effects of our Fairy Secret Lotion Candle. Our Spa Quality Lotion Candles provide a unique opportunity for you to enjoy a warm healing lotion experience. Our industry leading proprietary blend uses only the finest natural blend of ingredients.

Our candles are hand poured and made with love. Dry, cracked skin will be gone! Once you have tried our luxury lotion candles, you will know why we are the leading natural lotion candle brand in the US. Our products start with the cosmetic-grade ingredients. We are committed to world-class innovation in the premium and luxury brand products that have helped established us as a leader in the lotion candle industry.

To enjoy and use our Lotion Candles, simply light the Candle, and enjoy the wonderful and room-filling aromatherapy. The lotion will form a pool, extinguish the flame and remove a small amount of the warm liquid with your finger. Apply generously on your body, and repeat as desired. Dry, cracked skin will be gone! You will be amazed at how just a little goes a long way. The warm lotion provides a relaxing experience while providing relief to dry skin and problem areas.

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