is coconut oil a good moisturizer | coconut oil skin benefits

is coconut oil a good moisturizer | coconut oil skin benefits

Is coconut oil a good moisturizer? This is a question many people with dry skin ask. Coconut oil, though, is good for the skin in more ways than one.

Is Coconut Oil a Good Moisturizer?

If you have particularly dry skin, you probably know what it’s like to look for a lotion that works miracles for you. It’s painstaking and time-consuming, not to mention costly, to keep buying, trying, and throwing away skin products that just don’t do the trick. But, have you ever tried coconut oil lotion?

Is coconut oil a good moisturizer? In a word, yes. A lotion that contains coconut oil can do wonders for dry skin. It is rich in fatty acids, especially lauric acid, and has been known to treat patients with skin conditions such as eczema. Study shows that coconut oil is also just as effective as mineral oil when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated.

Skin hydration is an important part of skin health. When your skin is too dry, it can become scaly and itchy. It can even start to crack and make it more prone to bacteria.


Other Coconut Oil Skin Benefits

As you can see, coconut oil works great as a moisturizer, whether you have dry skin or not. But, if you don’t need the extra hydration, there are other ways coconut oil can improve skin health. Coconut oil is a versatile and multifunctional ingredient. Aside from its moisturizing properties, this popular product has also been shown to help with other skin problems.

How else is coconut oil good for your skin? Let us count the ways.


1. May Calm Inflammation

Coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it may help reduce inflammation, including chronic inflammation. This means it’s a good ingredient for those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. Research has also shown that coconut oil can help relieve pain associated with inflammation.

Another way coconut oil helps reduce inflammation is through its antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help calm down inflammation by stabilizing the free radicals in the body that contribute to it.


2. Helps With Acne Treatment

There is a common misconception that coconut oil is not good for your skin, particularly your face, because it can clog pores. However, research actually shows that coconut oil can help treat acne.

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that has been shown to kill the bacteria associated with acne. As explained above, coconut oil may also reduce inflammation. Acne happens to be an inflammatory condition. In fact, most medications used to treat acne specifically reduce inflammation.


3. Helps Heal Wounds

How else can you use coconut oil for skin health? It turns out that the popular ingredient has also been linked to wound healing. Specifically, virgin coconut oil has properties that speed up the healing process. It is also a good source of antioxidants and collagen, both of which play a critical role in wound healing.


4. Can Get Rid of Harmful Microorganisms

In addition to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil also contains antimicrobial properties. This means it can help shield your skin from harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Many skin infections arise from bacteria or fungi. According to researchers, you may be able to prevent the growth of these harmful bacteria or fungi by applying coconut oil to your skin. Most of the credit goes to coconut oil’s lauric acid content, though its other medium-chain fatty acids, such as capric acid, also deserve the spotlight.


Lotion Candles With Coconut Oil

While coconut oil has many benefits, it doesn’t make sense to simply use it on its own. A great way to care for your skin is to use a product that combines coconut oil with other ingredients that promote skin health.

Lotion candles are a good place to start. Look for a lotion candle that uses all-natural ingredients and does not contain any parabens or paraffin wax.

The best thing about lotion candles is that they go on your skin warm. That means your skin can better absorb the product. Lotion candles also leave no greasy residue on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes or sheets.

Some lotion candles are also scented. You can light them up to fill the room with a calming or intoxicating aroma as you wait for the product to melt before applying it on your skin.


Is Coconut Oil a Good Moisturizer? Answered!

In case you’re still wondering, coconut oil works great as a moisturizer, so it’s perfect for those who suffer from dry skin. Apart from its hydrating properties, coconut oil has also been known to speed up wound healing, help treat acne, reduce inflammation, and kill harmful bacteria. With all these benefits, it’s definitely the complete package.