nail lotion | best hand lotion for nails

nail lotion | lotion for nails

When looking for a hand lotion, most people focus on its effects on the skin, often neglecting nail health. But, does the perfect nail lotion even exist?


The Search for the Best Nail Lotion

Those who have healthy nails rarely notice how important they are to their daily lives. Most people only find their nails inconvenient when they have broken them or when their socks snag onto them. Believe it or not, a lot of day-to-day tasks rely on nails — from peeling off stickers to opening plastics to scratching itches. Most of all, nails protect our fingers and toes.

And then there are those with dry or brittle nails. Those who suffer from brittle nail syndrome, which is a fairly large chunk of the population, know how hard it is to have nails that easily break. What these people need is a good hand lotion that can restore nail hydration. But, searching for the best nail moisturizer is not as easy as it sounds.


What Causes Dry and Brittle Nails?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to dry or brittle nails. Some people are simply born with them, while others get dry nails over time. A few activities can also cause dry or brittle nails, such as washing dishes without wearing rubber gloves and using cleaning products with harsh chemicals. Even taking long baths or showers and frequently washing hands can dry nails out.

Those who enjoy putting on nail polish also tend to suffer from dry nails. Nail polish contains ingredients like formaldehyde that can contribute to dryness. Nail polish remover can also be harmful to nails, even more so than nail polish, because of the acetone content.


How to Moisturize Dry Nails

The best way to restore moisture in nails and promote nail health is to moisturize regularly. Just like your skin, your nails deserve some care and attention.

Here are some tips for moisturizing dry nails:

  • Apply an ointment or cream to your nails or soak your nails in oil (such as olive oil).
  • After soaking your nails in oil, apply a moisturizing cream or a lotion for nails.
  • For best results, put on cotton gloves and socks after applying a liberal amount of cream or nail lotion.
  • In the winter, use a humidifier to combat dry air, which can cause dry skin and nails.
  • Avoid taking long baths and showers using hot water.
  • After washing your hands, apply a moisturizer to prevent drying.


Reasons to Try Lotion Candle for Nails

While there are many products that can help with dry or brittle nails, lotion candles are a great alternative. A nail lotion candle has several benefits, including but not limited to the following:


1. Lotion Candles Contain Natural Moisturizing Ingredients

A lotion candle can be the best moisturizer for nail and cuticles because of its natural ingredients. Lotion candles are typically made with African shea butter, soya, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, and avocado oil. These are all ingredients that contain moisturizing and hydrating properties. Plus, the added benefit of being all-natural means you won’t have to worry about potentially exposing your nails to harmful chemicals.


2. Lotion Candles Have Healing Properties

All of the natural ingredients found in lotion candles also have healing properties. They work great on cracked skin but also on cracked or dry cuticles and nails. Dry cuticles can start to splinter and break, which can leave you in pain. The best hand lotion for nails not only moisturizes but also heals.


3. Lotion Candles Leave No Residue

One of the most annoying things about many lotions is that they leave a sticky or greasy residue on the surface of the skin. This gives a very uncomfortable feeling and makes it hard to wear pants or sleeves. For nails, the sticky residue can cling to gloves and socks.

This problem disappears with lotion candles, though. After 60 seconds upon application, nail lotion candles completely dry. You won’t feel any film or residue on the surface of your skin, nails, and cuticles. This prevents the product from transferring to other materials or washing away.


4. Lotion Candles Allow for Better Absorption

The main benefit of lotion candles is that they allow for maximum absorption. Lotion candles come in solid form, requiring that you melt them to make application possible. The product, though, will not burn your skin or nails. It is applied warm to the skin and nails, making it easier for your body to absorb them.


5. Lotion Candles Come in All Types of Scents

Lotion candles are a two-in-one product that moisturizes your skin and nails while simultaneously providing aromatherapy. These candles come in different scents, and there is a type of scent that suits everyone. For those who dislike scented candles, lotion candles also come in an unscented form.


An Effective Solution

Nail health is often neglected by many, but it should be a priority. It is difficult, though, to find a nail lotion that works well on your skin and nails. Fortunately, lotion candles made with all-natural ingredients can work wonders on both.