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Lotion Candles - they're appealing to your senses!  The luxurious aromas will stimulate and relax your mind while softening and soothing your skin.  Our lotion candles are hand-poured using 100% all natural ingredients: pure USA soya, shea butter from Africa, aloe vera, virgin olive oil, jojoba, coconut oil, and essential oils. We offer many scents and aromas for your pleasure, and add new scents periodically. Our stunning lotion candles are available in two sizes: 4 oz and 12 oz.

Simply light your lotion candle, enjoying its aromatheraputic properties, wait for the oils to form a pool and the lotion to warm; extinguish the flame and dip your fingers into the warm moisturizing lotion and apply as desired.  Our quality lotion candles will not feel waxy or leave a heavy residue on your skin. We use cosmetic-grade natural ingredients that provide your skin with the greatest benefits and melt into a moisturizing liquid that fully soaks into your skin within a few minutes, leaving a silky soft feeling.

Whats going on with Extra Large sized lotion candles? This question has been asked by many of our loyal customers... We have temporarily discontinued pouring the lotion candles into our 20 oz jars as we are searching for a new style of glass for our extra large lotion candle container. . Thanks from your Fairy Secrets team!

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